In our practice we treat children in every age, and they are always under the professional care of our staff. We care about good memories in children eyes in order to get used them to systematic visits associated with smile. We provide a children's corner with lots of coloring books and toys. In addition in our practice kids can watch their favorite cartoons both before the visit (in the waiting room) and during treatment on the ceiling TV.


  • We have The Wand  - computer anesthesia
  • We use anesthetized dental gels with different flavors and colorful fillings for milk teeth
  • We offer free checkups and free oral hygiene education for both children and parents
  • We organize Adaptive Visits for your child
  • At the end of the visit, every child gets a small gift  brave patient badge

We try to arrange children visits in the afternoons - they work best then, they are not so tired as after all day fun.

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