Teeth whitening is now a standard part of taking care of a healthy and beautiful smile. A well-kept smile is the best business card for us. According to statistics, as many as 74% of Poles think that a well-kept smile has an impact on our success in our professional and personal lives. Since few people can enjoy the snow-white smile given by nature, it is worth taking advantage of the whitening offer that is broad in modern dentistry.

Whitening by overlay is one of the most popular whitening methods that patients use. This method is time consuming and certainly requires patient self-discipline. However, if you follow the recommendations of our specialists you can count on effects that last up to 2 years. After 2 years the procedure can be repeated and in the meantime remember to visit the dentist at min. 2 times a year.

Whitening by overlay method is done with special, flexible and comfortable overlays, which is filled with whitening gel and applied to the teeth. Each such overlay is made by us individually and adapted to the patient.

Prior to treatment, the patient's teeth must be cleaned and disinfected, as described in the Before whitening section. Then the doctor takes patient impressions from the patient, which adapts the patient's overlays to the patient's teeth.

The patient receives from the doctor an overlay with a whitening gel of a specific concentration selected according to the sensitivity level of the patient's teeth. The whitening treatment is performed at the patient's home according to the doctor's instructions, which the patient also receives in a paper version. Always brush your teeth before applying the overlays and then clean them with a dental floss. When wearing the overlay, we never eat or drink and we do not smoke cigarettes. After removing the overlay, we must remove all possible residues from the whitening gel from both the teeth and the overlay.

The bleaching process usually lasts 2-4 weeks, and the overcoat can be worn during the day or put on overnight. The duration of whitening depends on the level of results expected by the patient and also on the concentration of the whitening gel.

Contrary to generally accepted opinion, whitening with overlay method is not harmful, does not weaken teeth and does not cause changes in their structure.

Whitening is a procedure that requires several visits to the dentist.

First, you need to perform full hygiene of the teeth, ie remove stone and sludge and get information on hygiene after such treatment. At the next stage, the dentist performs a dental examination and performs any possible treatment for the indicated teeth. Finally the doctor determines the level of sensitivity of the patient's teeth.

The most common side effect of overlay whitening is hypersensitivity to the teeth that patients complain about. This condition can occur during and after bleaching. You can then use hypersensitive toothpaste or special fluoride toothpaste paste. The latter already selects the doctor himself in special cases of hypersensitivity.

During whitening, also apply a good amount of whitening gel. In cases where too much gel is used, patients may have temporarily irritated gums.

To maintain the effect achieved after bleaching strictly follow the doctor's recommendation. An important issue here is the diet and avoidance of the products that discolor your teeth.

During bleaching and 6 weeks after the following products should be excluded from the diet:

  • coffee
  • black and green tea
  • dark fruit juice and dark fruit itself
  • Red wine
  • carbonated / sweetened beverages
  • smoking
  • sweets
  • sauces and seasonings (tomato sauce, soy sauce, red pepper, turmeric)

Unfortunately, despite the high popularity of whitening there are several contraindications that prevent it from being performed. Belong to them:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • oral disease (ie caries, gum inflammation, aphtha, hypersensitivity to the teeth)
  • systemic diseases (ie diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cancer)
  • allergy to whitening gel ingredients
  • The treatment is not performed in patients under 18 years of age

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