Every patient in our practice is treated individually and so is each treatment plan. The solutions we propose are always built on the basis of information collected during dental history and tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Below are indicative prices for some treatments in our office. Full price list is available in our office.

Possibility to pay by card and pay in installments

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Examination with a written treatment plan
PLN 150
Adaptation visit for children
PLN 150
PLN 150/tooth
PLN 100
Removal of scale and sediment (scaling + sandblasting)
PLN 320
Professional teeth cleaning (scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation + hygiene instruction)
PLN 350
Root canal treatment *
Root canal treatment
PLN od 800
Repeated root canal treatment
PLN od 900
Anaesthesia Standard
PLN 55
Anaesthesia PC
PLN 70
Milk tooth filling
PLN 200-250
Permanent tooth filling
PLN od 300
Prosthetic consultation
PLN 150
Porcelain crown
od PLN 1800
Crown on implant
PLN od 2500
Skeletal prosthesis
PLN 2500
Flexible prosthesis
PLN 2500
Acrylic denture
PLN 2000
Removing milk tooth
PLN 150-200
Removal of permanent tooth
PLN od 300
PLN 2500-3500

zobacz ofertę implantów

Bleaching overlay method
PLN 850
Bleaching PREVDENT
PLN 1600
Orthodontic consultation
PLN 200
Fixed metal appliance/arch
PLN od 2200
Fixed aesthetic braces/arch
PLN od 3200
Clear Aligner Overlays
PLN od 1000
Panoramic radiograph
PLN 120

(included in the price of CD with photo)

Cephalometric image
PLN 120

(included in the price of CD with photo)

PLN 250-350

(included in the price of CD with photo)

Laser treatment
conservative treatment without drilling
PLN od 370
cutting the frenulum using a laser
PLN 500
snoring treatment
PLN 300/1 session - 1600/session
herpes treatment
PLN 50/1 treatment
Aesthetic medicine
Post-treatment laser photobiostimulation
PLN 50 / 1 treatment
Snoring treatment
PLN 1600 / 4 treatments
Treatment of hypersensitivity
PLN 100
PLN 800
PLN 1600 / 3-6 treatments
Laser peeling
PLN od 500 / 1 treatment
smooth eye
PLN od 700 / 1 treatment
Removing discolorations
PLN 250-800
Closing blood vessels
PLN 250-400
Cutting the frenulum
PLN 500 / treatment
Acne treatment
PLN od 300 / treatment

* Each root canal treatment performed in our clinic is done using a microscope. The price of the treatment includes all the necessary elements ie RVG cost, classical anesthesia and cofferdam. After completing the canal treatment, the cost of crowns or filling in the cured tooth should be taken into account (see sections prosthetics and conservative dentistry).

This price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code

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