Adaptation visits


The best way to meet a child with a dentist is to start with an adaptation visit to familiarize young patients with the clinic and the medical staff.

The first positive impression is usually the success of the future treatment, while the first negative memory is hidden by the toddler for a long time, and this lost trust is very difficult to rebuild.

The first visit should be an interesting experience unrelated with pain.
Therefore try to avoid the situation when the child's first contact with the dentist occurs, because of toothache.

We thus recommend to visit the dentist with a child without any stress, which may increase the anxiety of the child in later treatment.

During the meeting, the doctor and the assistant show to a small patient dental equipment, learn the basics of oral hygiene and demonstrate the principles of operation of equipment and objects unknown to the child. Thanks to this, our practice becomes a place associated with fun and good times

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