Root canal treatment under a microscope

Root canal treatment is often the last treatment that can be done to avoid tooth extraction. It consists in removing infected or dead pulp (nerves) from the root canals, which are then purified and filled with gutta-percha, or biocompatible material.

Root canal treatment under a microscope

In our clinic, all endodontic procedures are carried out under the Leica microscope, which allows us to enlarge the image up to 25 times. Thanks to this, the dentist can work in a very precise way even within a small area of the treatment field.

Using the latest solution in the form of endodontic micromotor we reduce the number of tools necessary for treatment, which affects the shorter treatment time.

To maintain full asepticity and to isolate the treated tooth from the rest, we use the so-called cofferdam. It is a latex gum with a hole cut into the selected tooth, which then extends around the tooth and stabilizes accordingly. Cofferdam protects the treatment area from the access of saliva, protects the mucosa against irritation caused by chemical substances used during the procedure, and also improves visibility by removing the tongue, lips and cheeks.

Root canal treatment under or without a microscope?

Standard treatment, without using a microscope, fails in many cases. Often root canals are curved, fused and narrow. That's why a microscope that allows you to view the inside of the microscope is so helpful, which increases the chance of proper filling of the canals.

Does root canal hurt?

Root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia, which allows complete painlessness and comfort during the procedure.

How long does the root canal treatment under the microscope last?

The duration of treatment depends on the type of tooth being treated, its structure and the number of roots. If there is no indication to extend the treatment process, it is carried out on one visit. Modern technical capabilities have greatly reduced the time of treatment, however, treatment of a tooth with 3 or 4 channels can take up to 2 hours.

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