Should we treat milk teeth?

Children teeth require the same care as adults teeth. The belief that dental care is not necessary in case of milk teeth is a big mistake. The milk teeth are less protected, so it is quite easy for them to fall for tooth decay. Premature loss of milk teeth can result in abnormal dislocation of the teeth and lead to malocclusion. Loss of teeth also affects the defect of chewing function, which in turn adversely affects the development of bones and muscles of the child's face.

Why treat milk teeth, if they fall out anyway - such mistaken beliefs about milk teeth still prevail among many parents. Of course, "milk" will sooner or later fall out, but before that it is worth taking care of them. There really is no effective way to protect the child's teeth from caries. Although it is possible to slow down the disease and limit it by:

  • regular visits to the dentist
  • early diagnosis and treatment to maintain healthy teeth and consequently healthy teeth
  • Prevent tooth decay through painting and lacquering

Reminder for all parents:

Avoid sugary foods (milk, tea, teas) before or during sleeping time. It reduces saliva emission, which cleanses the teeth of your children from left food.

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