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Dental Assistant

She is a graduate of a post-secondary school in Rzeszów with a dental hygienist profile. At work, she puts a nice and friendly atmosphere and the well-being of the patient first. She spends his free time outdoors or reading books

Dental Assistants

She graduated from a medical post-secondary school in Rzeszów in the field of dental assistant. She assists in orthodontic and conservative dentistry procedures. She is most satisfied with assisting with surgical procedures. At work, she values ​​a nice atmosphere, a good team and mutual respect. Her work gives her a lot of satisfaction and she does it with great commitment. She is a helpful, kind and open person.

She likes to spend her free time on bicycle trips, walks and meetings with friends. She likes to travel, listen to good music and reads a good book (medical thriller is her favorite genre). Lover of healthy and colorful food. She relaxes by cooking… preferably for others. A fan of hot summer, strawberries and many shades of black 😉 Privately, a mother of a 9-year-old, thanks to whom every day is an unforgettable challenge and a lot of joy


A graduate of the Medical University in Łódź, completed a post-graduate internship in the Provincial Specialist Team in Rzeszów.

In medical practice, she focuses on the development and deepening of knowledge. Shows a particular interest in conservative dentistry, endodontics and pediatric dentistry. She is open, communicative, and always puts the comfort and satisfaction of patients in the first place.

In her free time, she likes to spend time with her loved ones. She is passionate about traveling and cooking, and successfully runs a culinary Instagram account. Dog lover. :)


The desire to talk to others and be around people contributed to the choice of a job as a medical receptionist. SHe does her job with great pleasure, to the best of her ability.

Careful listening, effective action and empathy are just a few of the character traits she has.

She likes to devote her free time to physical activity, above all, swimming and reading books that develop, increase vocabulary and change the way of thinking.

Dental Assistants

A graduate of the post-secondary medical school in Rzeszów in the field of Dental Assistant. At work, she values ​​a well-coordinated team and patient's well-being, as well as the opportunity to constantly develop and expand her knowledge. She is interested a lot in assisting during surgery treatments. She does her work with great interest and commitment. In her free time she likes to watch crime movies and spend time with family and friends.


A graduate of a vocational school in the field of medical registrar. She always treats other people as she would like to be treated. Contact with others is a pleasure for her, she likes to help - apart from work, she also helps a volunteer. She devotes her free time to personal development and her passions - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, music, guitar playing, psychological literature and cooking. She appreciates every day of life, which, as she says herself, makes her happy and willing to share this happiness with others.

Dental Assistant

A graduate of the post-secondary medical school in Rzeszów in the field of dental assistant. She performs her work with great commitment. At work, she appreciates a well-coordinated team, the good of patients and the possibility of continuous development.

Dental Assistant, Receptionist

She graduated from the School of Education in the direction of a dental assistant. Her main goal while doing her job is to see the smile on the patient's face. She performs hes work with great commitment. In her spare time, she loves to read books and spend time making handicrafts.

Radiologist / Dental Assistant

A graduate of Electoradiology at the University of Rzeszów and a dental assistant at one of Rzeszów's post-secondary schools. She joined our team in 2018 and she carries out her work diligently and with the greatest precision, always keeping in mind the well-being of patients and colleagues. Helping others gives her great satisfaction and contentment. She likes to spend her free time reading detective stories, cycling, winter skiing, long walks and cooking.

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