Operation Manager

She joined the team in 2018. She believes that people are trustworthy, that's why she wants to create a work environment in which the team is free to implement their ideas and express emotions. She knows that passion is essential to what we do and who we are. Every day, she cares for people, products and clients. In business, she is guided by the principle: If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to help him build his dreams. For several years, fascinated by Italy, and above all their culture and cuisine. She knows that one day she will live in sunny Italy. Three places where you can find her: clinic, office and gym.

Dental Assistants, Receptionists

She graduated from the School of Education in the direction of a dental assistant. Her main goal while doing her job is to see the smile on the patient's face. She performs hes work with great commitment. In her spare time, she loves to read books and spend time making handicrafts.


A graduate of the Technical School and Cosmetic School in Rzeszów. In her work, she values contact with people and patient satisfaction.

Operation Manager

A graduate of the University of Rzeszow on the Management Specialization Law and Administration. 
Always with a smile and full of positive energy. Within her work she appreciates contact with patients.

Dental Assistant

She graduated from postsecondary medical school in Rzeszow specializing as a Dental Assistant and Medical Secretary. She began to practice her profession during her studies and she continued it after graduation.

She works with big commitment and interest to her work. She always pay attention to patient satisfaction as well as good collaboration with Doctors. She is interested in photography and music, which is her passion.


She graduated from the School of Law and Administration with specialization in Public Administration. In her work she values contact with people and patient satisfaction. She treats life with a smile on her face and great optimism. At leisure she relaxes while watching a good movie and meetings with friends. Supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

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